House renovation part 1: Bedroom progress

I’m back after a break. Part of the break is because we obviously got the keys to our house and have been busy working on it; which I will talk about in this post. The other reason is because I’ve been extremely de-motivated. Don’t know what to write about, I’ve felt a bit stuck and decided to simply have a little break from the blog. Anyway, back to the house!

This has honestly been so, so exciting. We have a million plans for what we want to change and what is feasible for us to achieve. The house has three bedrooms and two bathrooms upstairs. We are leaving the bathrooms how they are for now and focusing on the bedrooms. Here’s the progress we’ve made in 2 weeks.


The “pink room” before



The “pink room” after



This house has for obvious reasons been named the “pink room”. Honestly, I can’t think why anyone would want such a bright pink colour and black, flowery (!) wallpaper in a small room haha. This room was the hardest to work on as it had 3-4 layers of wallpaper and then the paint on top which made it very hard to strip off. A couple of the walls also had severe and multiple cracks so it needed a lot of TLC.


The guest room before


Guest room after

This room was a lot easier! The only wall that needs some work is the one with the windows on it, the rest were in good quality. The wallpaper also came off really easy which was a relief.


The master bedroom before


Master bedroom after

I love this room! It had a built in closet, night stands and makeup table that we had talked about whether we should keep or not. I wanted to keep the makeup table and closet, mostly for budget reasons but eventually we decided to remove everything and omg it really opened ip the room! It also has an en-suit bathroom, which I love but definitely needs an update at some point. I have decided that I’m keeping the makeup table, I’m going to sand it and paint it and then I have a little place to keep all my stuff, can’t wait for that! This room also has quite a few cracks that hopefully will be fixed in the next few weeks.


I’m so happy with the progress we’ve done so far and I can’t wait to share more of it. I want to do a post on the floors and paint colours later which will be the next steps.


xx Rapunzel












I’m happy with that! We’ve had the house for 2 weeks and what we have done is:

-Ripped up all the carpets

-Stripped off all the wallpaper

-Cleaned the walls

-Covered cracks

– Removed the built in closet

– Plastering the walls in one room


We got help from my boyfriend’s brother over the weekend which made a massive change! It’s so much fun to see everything slowly changing, not to mention how satisfying it is when we have finished something. I also have so much respect for people who work with their hands as my shoulders are so sore and I’ve been exhausted after doing work for a few hours! What’s next now is to tackle more of the wallpaper in the hall, wash the walls and cover the cracks in the guest bedroom and master bedroom so it’s ready for plastering. After that we are ready to do some more exciting things like choosing the floors and the wall colours. I’m very, very excited about this!!


xx Rapunzel