Moving day

The big day is here; I’m moving in with my boyfriend!!

I’m so excited you don’t even know! I’ve been longing for this for absolutely ages and the day is finally here, it feels a little surreal. I’ve been packing what I can into suitcases and brought it to his house over the last month or so so it wouldn’t be so much to bring today. We’ve been abel to squeeze everything into his car (benefit of not having any furniture!) and we’re currently in the car to his house.


That’s not the only exciting thing happening. We’ve been looking for a house over the last few months and have a couple viewings today on some promising houses. I’ve been loving going to viewings; it feels like such a grown up and important step in life and I feel so happy that I get to do it with D. I remember when we went for our first viewing; it was a beautiful house but too small and not in the right setting but I couldn’t stop smiling and squeezing his arm as I was just so happy and excited. And I know that today will be the same; I’m going to be so excited to finally be living with the man of my dreams and start living our life together. This is a pre-written post but I wish everyone a happy weekend and hope you will be just as excited as I am today!


Bye Clapham, it’s been a pleasure ♥


xx Rapunzel