On my wish list in July

Eeek, July is here! Where has the time gone!? Time really does fly the older I get.. Anyway, I love July, it’s the ultimate summer month and I do love summer. I have decided to  add a monthly items wish list to this monthly post, I love online “window” shopping so this is something that’s going to be very fun for me to create! I’m going to include anything that I want to get; from clothes, to furniture and to skin care.

I don’t have much planned for this month, I’m in a bit of a bubble of thinking about exciting things for the future as well as job hunting which I’ve mentioned a few times. I’m hoping July will be a month filled with relaxed, summery days and enjoying life. Simple but often the simple things are the best♥




◊ On my wish list in July ◊



  • Finally getting the keys to our house. June was initially planned to be the month where we would get the keys to our house, but due to a few set backs with the current owners the date has now been pushed to July. We don’t mind too much as we still have the contract to our current place until September, but we’re obviously excited to get in the new house too.
  • Painting walls and ripping up carpets. I love DIY and I have pictures and home videos of my at an early age painting walls, sanding, and generally assisting on DIY around the house. One of my most treasured memories is using a small saw to saw a piece of wood on a work station next to my dad who was doing the real work. I was about 5 years old and could barely move the saw and absolutely loved helping my dad and feeling like a “grown up”. So, I’m very excited to start stripping wallpaper, painting the walls, and ripping up the carpets.
  • Spending time in our new local. Our new neighbourhood is honestly the cutest little place. It’s a tiny place with small shops, pubs and leafy trees and I think it’s simply beautiful. We have been to one of the pubs a few times and last time we went we sat in the beer garden in the sunshine and I can’t wait to get back there. It’s dog friendly so I can’t wait to bring a little (or big!) dog there sometime!


◊ July wanties ◊


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xx Rapunzel