Rapunzel recommends


Hello everyone! As someone who’s studied psychology for some years I’m all for anything that will improve or create good mental health and I’ve found something that does just that. I’ve recently downloaded the app “Headspace” which is an app that teaches you meditation techniques. You are guided by a mans voice (anyone who actually knows who? The creator of the app?) from the very basics of meditation techniques that focuses on your breath and staying in the moment or mindfulness. It also has a range meditation sessions for special circumstances/issues such as anxiety, stress, interviews etc., which I am yet to try. From my understanding you get 1 free session of those and then you have to pay for the rest.

I have used the app for 1 week but already like it and I am in a much more relaxed state of  mind after those 3 minutes of meditation. I have also just started to focus more on going to pilates and yoga classes and went to a couple last week at my gym. I went to a yogalates (mix of yoga and pilates) and Saturday and felt sooo amazing after! I never “understood” yoga before, although I loved pilates, but I’ve recently become really interested in it, more for the effect on my mental health than physical health although it’s great for both. Can’t wait to update more and hopefully also become more flexible!


xx Rapunzel