September feels


♥September is here and I’m ready for everything autumnal ♥


• Cosy up on the sofa with soft blankets, delicious smelling candles, tea and a good film

• Paint the bedroom walls. I’m close to deciding on colours, I’m thinking soft hues of grey/brown, green and blue

• Go for walks and run by the river♥ I’ve only been for a run once and I was taken aback of how pretty it was there! There’s loads of different paths and is going to look so beautiful when it’s coloured in the red and orange leaves of autumn

• Autumn decorations! Ooh I desperately want to go to the shops and get baskets, candles and blankets. Although I have loads of candles and blankets. Ooh and I really want an autumn wreath!

• Set some goals. I feel like some goals in some areas of my life are not as defined as I would like them and I want to work on that this month. I have a couple sources of inspiration and I love to read/learn from them and apply it to myself and my goals. Vague, I know, but I don’t like putting anything in writing that’s not close to definite

• A new hobby. I desperately need this! I want to try something new and it needs to be sociable. I’m tired of just doing the same and I want to push myself and go out of my comfort zone slightly



xx Rapunzel