We got the keys!


We got the keys to our house!! We got the keys from the solicitors yesterday and went straight to the house. It was so surreal and still feels so surreal that it is now finally our home. It is the dream house in the dream location and I can’t get over how lucky we are.

We went through every room and commented on what we need to do, how we want it to look and what we need to do first. When we had been there for a couple hours a structural engineer came to assess the house and to let us now if the changes that we want to make are possible. The house has had some structural movement in the past that is very visible in a couple rooms upstairs as they are actually sloping! Not what you want to find when you’ve made such a big commitment. Fortunately the engineer wasn’t too concerned about it, which was a huge relief.


Now this weekend will be spent ripping up carpets and tearing off wallpaper that I’m soooo excited about! I love that stuff and it’s going to be fun to see how much we manage to do. I’m already a bit achy from lifting a few boxes yesterday so who knows what state I’ll be in by Sunday!

xx Rapunzel